saturday_usual (saturday_usual) wrote in 613crew,

hair salon

I looked back a few pages on here and in the memories but the entries were a couple years old so i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good hairstylist and/or salon to me.   i usually just wait till i'm home and get my hair cut then but didn't have enough time over christmas break and now my hair has decided to rebel against me wholeheartedly so i'm in desperate need of a cut stat! 

somewhere close to downtown and not super super super expensive would be preferable.....its just a haircut though (no more dying it) so i'm cool with paying a reasonable amount to make sure it looks good! 

also, eyebrow threading or waxing places?  I went to the place in rideau once but they didn't really take much off, they seemed a bit lopsided, and i was plucking strays when i got home.   Again, i usually wait till i'm home and go to my usual but i need an inbetween-threading or plucking. 

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