Little Apple (meadowsweetmoon) wrote in 613crew,
Little Apple

Those hiking boot things that everyone around here is wearing:

Where can I get some good ones, preferably downtown? I just need something that will keep my feet dry :)
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There's a camp clothing store in the Market, but I don't remember which street.

Of course, MEC is always the best place, cause they'll fix or replace anything you buy from them for life.
Unless your referring to some specific style that i'm unaware, any shoe store/department store should have what you need.

Shows that payless has a large selection.
I've purchased some at Sportmart in Gloucester. Two kinds, actually, from Columbia.
The first pair I bought, after one week, the boot was cutting into my leg. So I brought them back and got another kind. They are a bit too big so now I'm getting blisters. I'll be bringing them back in.
I, too, want dry feet so I'll be checking this post.
I got mine at Giant Tiger they were ten bucks and they are red (they have black too), they keep my feet super dry and warm. Ive seen ones almost exactly the same at other places for like $50 so I dont care that they came from GT Boutique
But when I got mine a few weeks ago they were running out of them so it might be hit or miss as to wether they have any