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Consignment Stores [01/31/07 10:36am]

Anyone know any good second hand / consignment stores in Ottawa?

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[01/31/07 2:17am]

Anyone know where I can find a money tree in this lovely city?

I'm trying to Feng Shui the apartment.

Appearances vary, some are bushier and some are tiny. I'm not picky about it.

Thank you in advance! :D What would I do without this place.
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Sushi? [01/30/07 11:40pm]

So I've decided that I would like to attempt making my own sushi. However, since I would also like to SURVIVE this attempt, does anyone know where I can buy really fresh sushi-quality fish?

And don't say Loblaws or something like that...supermarket fish is nasty and nowhere near fresh enough.
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[01/30/07 4:13pm]


I don't really understand how 6:55 is the right time for us.
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poker? [01/29/07 11:00pm]


Does anyone know if there is a student Gambling or Poker society in Ottawa?

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MOD POST [01/29/07 7:36pm]


It has been brought up in both 613crew(here) and ottawa(here) that perhaps the two communities should merge as there are multiple cross-postings and there's really no need for two Ottawa-based communities.

So, in the words of skippdog: So what say ye fellow Ottawa and surrounding area residents? One community to rule them all?

Poll #916632 Merge of 613crew and Ottawa?

Would you be interested in seeing 613crew and Ottawa merge into one community?

I have no opinion

If you said yes, which of these options would you prefer?

Ottawa should become the main community
613crew should become the main community
I have no opinion

The poll will be up until 8:00pm tomorrow (Tuesday) night and then a decision will be made based on the votes.
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613crew and ottawa need to be merged or something... [01/29/07 5:11pm]

Is it just me or are these two communities totally redundant? Just about every single post in either is cross-posted to the other. I'm kinda sick of going to my friend's page and seeing a list of duplicate posts over and over (much like this one)...

I suppose one could just say "Well pick one and ignore the other", but why split readership like that?

So what say ye fellow Ottawa and surrounding area residents? One community to rule them all? Which came first?

x-posted to ottawa
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Brixton's Atmosphere is on THIS Sat. Feb. 3rd, 2007 [01/29/07 12:37pm]


Brixton's monthly night 'Atmosphere' will be on THIS Saturday.

Spinning the best in underground music from the last 50 years. 1960's - present.

go to -


and browse the 'vinyl' section to give yourself a better idea of the music that will be spun there.

playing lot's of NEW music that's JUST been released over the last couple weeks/months.


the good, the bad & the queen
lcd soundsystem
clap your hands say yeah
trans am
the bees
of montreal
field music
howling bells
explosions in the sky
apples in stereo
the view
the sunshine underground
the young knives

plus SOO much more...

FREE giveaways


10pm - 2.30am

210 Sparks Street (sparks & bank) across from the hmv
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[01/29/07 10:59am]

For those of you who may be interested:

The Vagina Monologues at uOttawa (poster)Collapse )

cheers, have a nice day :)
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[01/28/07 4:29pm]


Hi everyone!


I am doing a documentary about people who have accents or dialects and the discrimination they have had to deal with. My idea is to interview people who moved to Canada and have had a hard time in finding employment or just general prejudice towards them. I am a Carleton University student and I am doing this for a class of about twenty people. If you are interested in sharing your stories, I would love to hear them. You can contact me at keyers@connect.carleton.ca  I am very flexible in meeting places as well as time. I could do it on campus ( Ottawa, Algonquin or Carleton) or even in a coffee shop or where ever else. This is your chance to get the message out there that there is a problem. Also if anyone has any ideas on how to make this documentary better, feel free to email me! Thanks so much.




(x-posted in Ottawa communities)

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rmt in sandy hill [01/28/07 4:20pm]

I'm looking for registered massage therapists around the University of Ottawa area. I'm not sure if the sports clinic on campus provides them, but if anyone can recommend a place that preferably deals with the insurance directly, thanks!!
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Birthday help! [01/26/07 8:54pm]

Hallo all,

My 20th birthday is coming up and I'd like to go out with a bunch of friends.

What I want to do is have a casual later evening dinner/snack because a couple of my friends still aren't legal drinking age and won't be joining us for the booze up afterwards.

Normally, I'd just drag people for pho or indian, but I have a lot of picky-ish eaters who won't eat ethnic food and a fair amount of vegetarians.

I was thinking something like The Irish Village, Milestones, the Manx,...something sort of casual with lots of appetizer type foods. Any of these good for a group?

Any alternative ideas?

1. Will let those under 19 come in
2. Can accomadate a party of 10-15
3. Is reasonably priced
4. Downtownish
5. Takes reservations
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[01/26/07 4:43am]

I've been on the lookout for plays recently. You know, just browsing and the sort. But it seems that every place i go seems to have sections for plays that are comprised of 90% Shakespeare and 10% other relatively well known plays that i've already read. And since i don't really feel like making a quest out of it, i was wondering if anyone knew of a good place with a far wider variety of scripts than Hamlet and The Glass Menagerie.
(If you have any specific unknown plays you'd like to reccomend, that's also cool.)
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Limos? [01/25/07 5:50pm]

Hey, so my friends are trying to book a limo for prom in May but we can't find anything thats bigger then an 8 person limo, thats not an SUV or BUS limo. Getting a 10 person limo would be completely perfect and if anyone knew a place that had 10 person limos or was able to help at all it would be gratelly appreciated! thanks
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hair salon [01/25/07 12:11am]

I looked back a few pages on here and in the memories but the entries were a couple years old so i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good hairstylist and/or salon to me.   i usually just wait till i'm home and get my hair cut then but didn't have enough time over christmas break and now my hair has decided to rebel against me wholeheartedly so i'm in desperate need of a cut stat! 

somewhere close to downtown and not super super super expensive would be preferable.....its just a haircut though (no more dying it) so i'm cool with paying a reasonable amount to make sure it looks good! 

also, eyebrow threading or waxing places?  I went to the place in rideau once but they didn't really take much off, they seemed a bit lopsided, and i was plucking strays when i got home.   Again, i usually wait till i'm home and go to my usual but i need an inbetween-threading or plucking. 

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Commercially Zoned Residential Properties [01/24/07 9:16pm]

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find information on Commercially Zoned Residential Properties in Ottawa.  I haven't had much look with google.

If anyone can tell me where I'd be able to find a map of Commercial and Residential Zones for Ottawa, either online or a place in Ottawa I could go for this information, that would be a big help.


x-posted to ottawa
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59 argyle block of rock [01/24/07 12:10am]

01/26 - Tradition (T.O., Blocks rec club), Xian, Saint Bernard of Love @ 59 Argyle Ave. - AA/7:30pm/$5Collapse )

01/27 - Goldsword Champions (ex-expatriates), Weapons of Mass Seduction, Captain Foxy @ 59 Argyle Ave. - AA/7:30pm/$5Collapse )

posters under the cut.
x-posted like it's hot.
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hat help!! [01/23/07 8:31pm]

hi. i'm wondering where in ottawa i could find a bowler hat. i know they're tough to come across though. if i can't get my hands on a bowler hat, i'd settle for fedora. any ideas or help would be great.

examples of the hats behind the cutCollapse )

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Those hiking boot things that everyone around here is wearing: [01/23/07 1:47pm]

Where can I get some good ones, preferably downtown? I just need something that will keep my feet dry :)
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Food question [01/22/07 3:51pm]

Hello all! Can I buy Greek pitas at any grocery store (Loblaws, etc.) or would I have to go to a specialty store?
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