Karolijn (karolijn) wrote in 613crew,

Community Merging

As a result of the polls (here and here) and discussion (here and here) over the past few days about the redundancy between 613crew and ottawa, we have decided to merge the two communities.

Those of you who are members of 613crew will notice that your posting access has been restricted.

We ask that you join ottawa in it's place.

_lindz, the moderator of 613crew has been added as a mod to ottawa and you should find that not much will change (aside from x-posting).

Please refer to the Community Information for rules and related communities.

If you are really attached to 613crew and have a suggestion for how it can be non-redundant (for example, encompassing all of the 613 area as the name suggests) then please let us know if and how it could be used - we are open to suggestions, but agree that as it stands now, the two communities are redundant.

Thanks everyone! (and yes, this has been xposted).
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