R-Dog? (zorbgoink) wrote in 613crew,

Birthday help!

Hallo all,

My 20th birthday is coming up and I'd like to go out with a bunch of friends.

What I want to do is have a casual later evening dinner/snack because a couple of my friends still aren't legal drinking age and won't be joining us for the booze up afterwards.

Normally, I'd just drag people for pho or indian, but I have a lot of picky-ish eaters who won't eat ethnic food and a fair amount of vegetarians.

I was thinking something like The Irish Village, Milestones, the Manx,...something sort of casual with lots of appetizer type foods. Any of these good for a group?

Any alternative ideas?

1. Will let those under 19 come in
2. Can accomadate a party of 10-15
3. Is reasonably priced
4. Downtownish
5. Takes reservations
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How can you be vegeterian and not like ethnic food?
Two different groups :)
A couple people are veggie and love all food
A couple don't like ethnic food but eat meat....so I couldn't do like Vietnam Palace or Indian food cause the non-veggie picky eaters would have nothing, but I also can't do something standard but mostly meat-filled

Picky friends suck :(
how about something like mongolian village? I mean it is "ethnic" in a way but at least it will accomodate thow who do not want meat and those who do not want spices.

Not downtown but the 95 goes there.
Oz Cafe on Elgin Street.
I love that place!!! I second it! They have such amazing food though, and a wide variety. They're small but they take reservations. I went there last year for my birthday and the owner gave me a free dessert.
I third this place.
i beg to differ.. food was expensive..took forever to get to me and wasn't worth the wait.:(
I'm a fan of the Black Tomato on George Street.
The Black Tomato isn't really reasonably priced.
Definitely not reasonably priced. It's really small, too.
and COLD
I've heard SUCH bad things about it lately
yeah I was not happy the last time I went...the waitress took our drink and salad order and then walked away...we had to ask if it was ok if we ordered our dinners as well. then I paid $18 for the thai noodle bowl...I could've gotten a better one in chinatown for $5 :P bah.

the only reason we keep going back is because of their delicious steak and great wine selection.
Eeee! I'll be home for your birthday. Much excitement.

Erm... what about that pub we went to with the sweet potato fries. Or is that not really appropriate for a party group?
I was thinking pub
If you have your birthday dinner on your actual birthday, I can come!!!!

(Of course, I just made the huge assumption that I was invited...I'll cry if I wasn't. And then keep your prezzie for myself.)
of course silly