R-Dog? (zorbgoink) wrote in 613crew,

Birthday help!

Hallo all,

My 20th birthday is coming up and I'd like to go out with a bunch of friends.

What I want to do is have a casual later evening dinner/snack because a couple of my friends still aren't legal drinking age and won't be joining us for the booze up afterwards.

Normally, I'd just drag people for pho or indian, but I have a lot of picky-ish eaters who won't eat ethnic food and a fair amount of vegetarians.

I was thinking something like The Irish Village, Milestones, the Manx,...something sort of casual with lots of appetizer type foods. Any of these good for a group?

Any alternative ideas?

1. Will let those under 19 come in
2. Can accomadate a party of 10-15
3. Is reasonably priced
4. Downtownish
5. Takes reservations
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